Faculty & Staff

Please refer to the following chart for faculty and staff contact information. Email is the preferred method of communication for our teachers. For voicemail, please call the general school line at (847) 255-0050. Teacher pages can be accessed by clicking the teacher’s name.

Name Voice Mail Email Area
Ryan Andersen 332 randersen@olwschool.org Grade 7 homeroom, 6-8th grade social studies
Carolyn Anderson 349 canderson@olwschool.org Learning Resource Teacher
Megan Bauer   mbauer@olwschool.org Classroom Aide
Barb Boarini 255 bboarini@olwschool.org Assistant Principal
Jeanine Boeche 325 jboeche@olwschool.org Grade 6 Homeroom
Kim Brennan 317 kbrennan@olwschool.org Middle School Math (gr 6-8) / Before+After School Care
Tina Brocato 339 tbrocato@olwschool.org Grade 3 Homeroom
Barb Carbone 345 bcarbone@olwschool.org Aide
Jessica Cherwin  – – jcherwin@olwschool.org Aide
Mary Jean Cieniawa 315 mcieniawa@olwschool.org Grade 2 Homeroom
Brooklyn Cohen 366 bcohen@olwschool.org Grade 4 Homeroom
Donna Cooper 318 dcooper@olwschool.org Grade 2 Homeroom
Laura Doherty 350 ldoherty@olwschool.org Preschool-3 Homeroom
Tracey Dolsen   tdolsen@olwschool.org Classroom Aide
Jennifer Doyle   jennifer.doyle@amitahealth.org School Social Worker
Caroline Finke 303 cfinke@olwschool.org Library Director
Debra Fisher 322 dfisher@olwschool.org Grade 1 Homeroom
Laura Frazier 331 lfrazier@olwschool.org Art
Katie Gaughan 314 kgaughan@olwschool.org Preschool Multi-Age Homeroom
Debbie Gasparik 261 schoolnurse@olwschool.org School Nurse
Jaymi Griesmeyer 335 jgriesmeyer@olwschool.org Grade 7 Homeroom
Joan Hegberg   jhegberg@olwschool.org Classroom Aide
Sharon Hendricks 342 shendricks@olwschool.org Aide / MS Secretary
Julie Hoeper – – jhoeper@olwschool.org Curriculum Coordinator
Peggy Jones 306 pjones@olwschool.org P.E. / Health
Renee Kazecki 285 rkazecki@sd25.org Speech and Language
Danielle Kenney – – dkenney@olwschool.org Marketing Director
Rita Kokotis 355 rkokotis@olwschool.org Aide / Lunch Patrol
Nancy Kramp 310 nkramp@olwschool.org Grade 4 Homeroom
Rachel Laughland 344 rlaughland@olwschool.org Grade 8 Homeroom
Libby Lewis 323 llewis@olwshool.org Kindergarten Homeroom
Dorothy Maentanis  – – dmaentanis@olwschool.org Aide
Christine McGinn 337 cmcginn@olwschool.org Preschool Multi-Age Homeroom
Laura Messina 342 lmessina@olwschool.org Grade 5 Homeroom
Pam Miller 347 pmiller@olwschool.org Gr. 6 Homeroom / P.E. / Health
Meghan Newell 328 mnewell@olwschool.org Choral Director
Joe Nigliazzo 348 jnigliazzo@olwschool.org Spanish
Julie Okulanis 320 jokulanis@olwschool.org Grade 3 Homeroom
Rich Pancratz 330 rpancratz@olwschool.org Band Director
Gigi Peabody  – – gpeabody@olwschool.org Aide
Sharon Pearson 284 spearson@olwschool.org Learning Resource
Sandy Pizza 333 spizza@olwschool.org K Homeroom
Carrie Ryan 304 cryan@olwschool.org Learning Resource
Sally Shewmon 321 sshewmon@olwschool.org Grade 8 Homeroom
Michaela Skweres 324 mskweres@olwschool.org Grade 5 Homeroom
Terry Smith 242 msoffice@olwschool.org Middle School Secretary
Sherralyn Stewart   sstewart@olwschool.org Classroom Aide
Jane Strzyzynski 305 jstrzyzynski@olwschool.org Preschool-4-Homeroom
Kristin Sweeney 301 ksweeney@olwschool.org Grade 1 Homeroom
Chris Tiltz 245 ctiltz@olwschool.org School Secretary
Sharon Volpe 261 schoolnurse@olwschool.org School Nurse
David Wood 244 dwood@olwschool.org Principal