Gloria Rebek Scholarship Fund

Our Lady of the Wayside School has proudly educated students since 1954. Since that time, the objectives of the school remain unchanged: to provide a quality education that prepares our students for high school and instills in each of them an understanding of Christian philosophy and the tenants of the Catholic Faith.

Make a donation to the Rebek Scholarship Fund. 

The Gloria Rebek Scholarship Fund – Funds from the Gloria Rebek Scholarship Fund are used each school year for families that have difficulty making tuition payments. Some families have a one-time need because of an unexpected financial circumstance. Some families apply yearly for scholarship aid because providing a Catholic education for their children is important. Families must meet certain requirements and apply using an outside resource.

Generous benefactors and families whose children have been educated at Our Lady of the Wayside continue to donate to the fund making a Catholic education accessible for all. A scholarship fund is always in need of donations and a gift of any size makes an impact to this worthy fund.

For families who need tuition assistance:
OLW offer needs-based tuition assistance to those families who value a Catholic education and need financial assistance to fulfill their tuition commitment. FACTS Grant & Aid provides an application on their website. Every attempt will be made to secure aid so that no student is unable to attend OLW due to genuine financial hardship. In order to be considered for the highest level of tuition assistance, the tuition assistance request must be completed on-line by April 30 for the next school year.

OLW School Authorization code is: 20412

The actual and final tuition assistance amount offered to a family is determined by the principal and pastor based upon a number of factors, including the FACTS application and the amount of tuition assistance available in the school budget. The amount of assistance will be unique to each family. Financial awards are effective for one school year and will need to be applied for on an annual basis. All existing financial commitments must be met in order to qualify for assistance for the following school year.