Other Support Opportunities

In addition to volunteering your time and providing direct financial support, there are many other easy ways in which you can support OLW. These programs let you shop and still support OLW School because rebates from your purchases are directed back to the school.

OLW’s Gift Card Program – RaiseRightTM (formerly ShopwithScrip) – This fundraiser is virtual and benefits OLW School. RaiseRight is a program whereby partnered vendors (300+) agree to sell gift cards (physical cards, E-cards or reloadable cards) to OLW at a discount. Families buy gift cards at full face value and OLW keeps the difference as fundraising profit.  Families can opt to give all the rebate to the school or keep 50% to indirectly offset tuition costs. This fundraiser does not cost families a penny- money is earned by shopping with these cards/e-cards.  When families commit to the program for routine spending areas such as groceries, Amazon, coffee shops, dining and retail the recurring profit is impressive.  There is no minimum spending amount required in order to receive a rebate, and there is no limit in the amount of rebate received. Families place orders online at https://www.raiseright.com or via the RaiseRight app with payment directly debited from their bank account, via check sent in to the school office or via credit card for a small processing fee.  For details on the program or instructions on how to sign up please contact our SWS Coordinator Ashley Romanacce at amromanacce@hotmail.com and Erin Berwick at erinberwick5@gmail.com.

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Other ways that you can shop as you normally do and still support OLW School include:

Supper Clubs – Additionally, throughout the year, OLW participates in Supper Club fundraisers, where a local restaurant donates to OLW a portion of the sales on a certain day during a certain time period. Check the website homepage, the parish Bulletin and the school Facebook page periodically to see if one your favorite restaurants are supporting our school.
Here are some places that have supported us:
Peggy Kinnanes
REP’s Place
and more…..