Three Funds for OLW School

Donation Opportunities and Memorial Gifts

Our Lady of the Wayside School is a Blue Ribbon School, earning this distinction twice, in 2015 and 1997. It is our pleasure to provide students with an award wining education that also values Catholic faith formation. A tax-deductible cash gift  – made using this online donation link  – significantly increases the opportunities available to all students and staff. Each donation, regardless of size, does make a very big difference in the continued success of Our Lady of the Wayside School. We are very grateful to all who donate in support of this distinguished school.

OLW School currently has three donation opportunities that make an impact:
OLW School Annual Fund – “Enriching Minds. Fostering Faith. Expanding Talents.” This is the guiding principal of our school – all decisions stem from it. The goal of the OLW School Annual Fund is to bring additional monetary resources to the school that allow the principal, faculty and staff to provide what’s best for the students. We hope that all members of the OLW community will feel called to contribute. The generosity of our parents, alumni, parents of alumni, and parishioners helps us achieve our goals. FAQ’s

OLW Endowment Fund –The OLW School Endowment Fund was established in 1999 to perpetuate, partially support, and uphold the educational work of OLW School. Our school is valuable in this community and strengthening the Endowment Fund helps maintain and stabilize the financial health of our school in order to preserve high quality Catholic education. The Endowment Fund had a year-end balance of $810,391.64 on June 30, 2021. Donations from believers in Catholic education will help to grow the principal of the Endowment Fund. With a larger principal balance, interest earned can be invested into the school for scholarships and capital improvements, etc. Click here to see the Endowment Brochure.

Gloria Rebek Scholarship Fund – These restricted funds are used each school year for families that have difficulty making tuition payments. more information

Memorial Gifts – We are grateful for everyone who to chooses to honor a passed loved one by supporting the school and we will use those funds for the Gloria Rebek Scholarship Fund. Memorial gifts donations can be made here.

Make an online donation now.

Please direct any questions to either Mr. David Wood, Principal, or to Danielle Kenney, Development Director, You may also call the school to speak to someone in person at (847) 255-0050.

If you would prefer to mail a check, please make checks payable to Our Lady of the Wayside School and mail to the following address.

Our Lady of the Wayside School
Attn: David Wood – Principal
432 S. Mitchell Ave
Arlington Heights, IL 60005