The OLW Boosters organization is a group of interested OLW school parents and/or parishioners who work to improve the function and enhance the quality of the athletic and athletic-related activities of the school for the benefit of the students, the school and the parish community.  It is a separate entity distinct from the OLW School. Its purposes include:

  • Funding and otherwise encouraging all athletic and athletic-related activities as the Board may approve and sponsor from time to time.
  • Recruiting and supervising qualified coaches for approved and sponsored athletic and athletic-related programs.
  • Promoting good sportsmanship, a sense of responsibility and Christian values on the part of the student participants, coaches and spectators.
  • Fostering public awareness for all the Club’s programs.
  • Determining and enforcing all rules and policies related to student participation in athletic and athletic-related activities.
  • Determining and managing all administrative activities related to the efficient scheduling and execution of all athletic and athletic-related activities for students.

All parents are encouraged to participate on the Booster Board, in support positions, or in coaching spots. The Board meets once a month from August through June.  Our meeting times and locations, as well as all open positions, are communicated through Monday Memos.

Booster Members
Athletic Director – Jim Frugo –

President – Kevin Dolsen 
Treasurer – Bill Plummer 
Secretary – Sue Finucane  
Girls’ VP – Jeanine Andriano 
Boys’ VP – Bonnie Weber
Cheerleading VP – Candie Schwaner 
5th Grade Athletics VP – Dan Reidy 
Parent Liaison – Sue Finucane 

For information on the OLW athletic programs sponsored by Boosters please visit the Athletics page.

Boosters Forms
OLW Code of Conduct
OLW Boosters Bylaws (April 2017)
Permission Slip / Medical Release
Archdiocese Release Form
Boosters Check Request Form