Strategic Plan

The School Advisory Board currently comprises nine members who serve rotating three-year terms. The purpose of the Our Lady of the Wayside School Advisory Board is to broadly represent the parish at large in our communal task of educating the students of Our Lady of the Wayside School.

One of the Board’s main responsibilities is to establish, review and revise the OLW Strategic Plan. The purpose of the Strategic Plan is to preserve and perpetuate the strong academic and faith based foundation of our school while also ensuring its long term vitality. The Strategic Plan is due to be updated. During the pandemic, when the school was operating in a much different way than normal, the School Advisory Board put the Strategic Plan on hold. 

The current Strategic Plan was developed during the 2015-16 school year with the goal to achieve and maintain optimal enrollment. All of the focus area groups plan with this purpose and this goal in mind as enrollment is the key to vitality. The Strategic Plan was developed with strong support from the school administration, the parish, the Family and School Association (FSA), and the school Boosters board. It lays out both near term actions (1-2 years look ahead) as well as long term goals (3-5 years look ahead).

The Strategic Plan has been the impetus behind several noteworthy accomplishments which align to the school mission as well as the primary objective of the Strategic Plan.
  • The OLW School Endowment Fund (OLWSEF) has been revitalized and reinvigorated, with its own active board and fundraising activity.
  • The school mission statement has been refocused and revised.
  • Public Relations activities have been formalized and focused to better understand our market and establish a budget to promote the school continually.
  • A universal registration tool has been launched for the school sports.
  • Relationships between the school and the parish boards have been formalized.
  • Since 2015-16, we have retired ten, created nine new, and made measured progress toward the open goals. 

2018-2019 Update: The current revision of the school’s Strategic Plan (v3) holds 32 active goals.