Mission Statement and core values

Our Lady of the Wayside School is dedicated to enriching our students’ minds, fostering a deep and meaningful faith in each
child, and expanding their talents.

That is the mission statement for OLW School and all decisions stem from it.

We are committed to providing a vital Catholic environment where Christian values, mutual respect and trust are emphasized for students, teachers and families in all programs and activities. We encourage each student to recognize, develop, and share his or her God-given talents and gifts. We teach our students to understand and live the Gospel message of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Our Catholic faith is enlivened by the core values we share:

    • We will plan our curriculum to give students the highest quality education while motivating them to pursue academic excellence.  We will prepare students to meet the challenges of our world and lay the groundwork to develop into our future leaders.
    • We are dedicated to promoting the fullest possible spiritual, intellectual, emotional, physical and social growth/development of each student through an education which seeks to foster Christian values as presented in the Gospels.
    • We will provide a strong Catholic environment where our students will come to realize a religious faith and lifelong value system. Peace, justice and concern for others are valued over personal status or material comfort.
    • We will strive to help each individual acquire constructive critical thinking skills, the knowledge to reason independently, the interest to assume a positive attitude toward learning as a continuous, life-long process, and the appreciation and wonder to celebrate the beauty of creation.
    • We will endeavor to nourish within our students a positive self-esteem, an acceptance of others, and the self-confidence to resist social pressure. Consistent with their strengths and limitations, Wayside students are guided to develop the self-discipline and leadership qualities which will help them to reach their own potentials and goals. Through the model of parents and teachers, Wayside students are led to accept responsibilities toward their community, Church, and sisters and brothers throughout the world.
    • We recognize parents as the primary and principal educators of our students. The staff joins with them in creating an atmosphere enlivened by love and respect for God and for others. Together we strive to encourage the students to develop a positive attitude toward learning and a respectful support for authority within the school community. Consistent cooperation and mutual respect among parents, teachers, and students are essential to the successful accomplishment of the OLW mission.