Catholic Identity

We are a Blue Ribbon Catholic school in Arlington Heights,IL, a northwest suburb of Chicago. It is a privilege for us to provide our students with an excellent AND a Catholic academic foundation. Classroom religious instruction, scripture study, daily prayer and a focus on service help promote faith formation and instill Catholic values. Regular liturgical and traditional devotional practices are an integral part of our religious program. All of these elements help students develop a deep Catholic spirituality and a strong relationship with God.
– Daily prayer led by a different student each day
– Daily religious instruction in the Catholic faith and scriptures
– Bi-monthly all-school Mass
– A strong Catholic environment throughout the school
– On-going service activities
– Traditional Catholic devotions (All Saints Mass, Living Stations of the Cross, May Crowning, etc.)
– Liturgical ministry participation for students (Altar Servers, choir, lectors, etc.)
– Sacramental preparation and retreats (Reconciliation, Eucharist, Confirmation)
– Prayer Services and Masses prepared and presented by the students on a regular basis

NOTE:  Due to pandemic restrictions during the 2020-21 school year, only a small number of students are attending Mass each week. The Wednesday morning Mass is NOT open to parishioners or school parents. The students also do not have any special participation in the Mass at this time. However, the Mass is being streamed on the parish Facebook page in case you would like to watch so you can discuss the readings and homily with your child(ren). 2020-2021 schedule