Friday, Sept 24 – Throughout the day, students will be walking around the track at OLW as part of this year’s Wildcat Prowl activities. This year, our Buddy pairs will cheer each other on and count laps to get to the ultimate school goal of 2021 total laps! This is an event about school spirit, friendship and fitness.

It’s a fundraising event as well – all funds raised by the Wildcat Prowl directly benefit the students and facilities they use for PE class as well as sports. This includes: updated gym equipment, a refurbished gym floor and bleachers, new team chairs, painted gym walls with new mats, outdoor basketball hoops, middle school drinking fountains, referee fees for sporting events…and much more.

This is a fun event for parents as well – a chance to see your students having fun and a chance to catch up with other parents. Please volunteer for part of the day and just enjoy the event for part of the day.

You can support the OLW Athletic Booster Board – who organizes and sponsors the Prowl – by purchasing the Prowl Booster Combo Package. This is a great deal and the package includes:
– Youth or Adult T-shirt
– Youth or Adult Sweatshirt
– 1 NUT Pass
The t-shirt and sweatshirt can be worn on spirit days and gym days. All for $75!!
Click on the link to purchase the Prowl Booster Combo Package. You can also buy more NUT passes, purchase just the t-shirt or make an additional donation.

BONUS! the family that donates the most money, including any purchases, will win 2 tickets to the Bears vs Packers game Oct 17.