We recently invited several school and parish parents into our middle school for our first Career Day. The students were able to listen to presentations from three different professionals to get a feel for a variety of jobs for which they may not be familiar.

We are so thankful for these adults who were willing to give their time to speak with our students and answer questions.

The students heard from people who always knew what they wanted to do for a career as well as people who didn’t. They learned that’s it’s okay to switch career paths – even if it means leaving med school to pursue a different career. They learned it’s good to take chances. They learned it’s important to be respectful of everyone you work with, no matter their title or their lack of title.

The goal of this Career Day was to introduce our middle school students to some new career ideas. Thank you to these parents for coming into OLW and being part of this new event. Our students are better because of your time.
Tom Bauer, IT Professional
Tom Beyreis, Mechanical Engineer
Melissa Craig, Real Estate
Maurizio Ferrazzulo, Distributor
Sue Finucane, Operations Manager, Prosthetics Research
Kim Franczyk, Audiologist
Lisa Jochaniewicz, Marketing Professional
Tansy Soltysiak Lynch, TV News Producer
Brad Morrison, Construction Project Manager
Jamie Riley, Clinical Psychologist
Christa Schermerhorn, Occupational Therapist
Adria Siewert, Personal Financial Advisor
Jerry Trousdale, Corporate Finance
Kelly Trunnell, Lieutenant Commander, JAGS Corp