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4th-8th grade required Art Supplies

Students are required to bring to art class, a pencil with an eraser, a coloring set, a glue stick and a pouch to carry the supplies. In grades 4th-8th a supply check will be given throughout each trimester.  These supply check grades will be averaged with the grades for the art work they produce as well as the clean up and participation grades to arrive at the students final grade.


Seventh Grade Hard Covered Sketch Book Distribution

Great news. The seventh grade students will receive hard covered sketch books this year. The students will receive these books early in the year. The students will do many art assignments in these sketch books. Please ask seventh grade students to share these sketch books with you. We plan on starting the sketch books in 7th grade and completing them by the end of eighth grade. This will be a more formal way of documenting the fine works our students do at OLW.


elementary students study, Frederic Remington

Frederic Remington the complete works: Slideshow – Frederic Remington


Looking at the work of Titian

click here for paintings by Titian


link to The Art Institute of Chicago’s website

click here for The Art Institute of Chicago’s website


The Virtual Louvre

click here for The Virtual Louve


k-8th grading KEY/ Art

Visual Art Grading Key: grd K-8th

grd K, 1- Little or no effort, 2-Satisfaction or emerging, 3- very good or successful and 4-Outstanding or mastered.

grd 1-3, S- for Satisfaction or U for Unsatisfaction

Grades 4th – 8th:

M – mastered/outstanding, 4, 85% +, 3.5-4

S- Successful/very good, 3, 77% +, 2.5-3.4

E- Emerging/ satisfactory, 2, 69%+, 1.5-2.4

NYE- Not yet emerging, little or no effort, 1, 0+%, 0-1.4