Please send a letter to your state senator and representative to save the TCS Program. OLW is able to offer scholarships to over 20 students through this program and they are each very appreciative of the scholarship and the chance to be part of the OLW community.

State Senator Ann Gillespie (D) 27th District
Representative Mark Walker (D) 53rd District (
Representative Tom Morrison (R) 54th District (

Here is some sample language:
Scholarships for kids are NOT “corporate loopholes.” I live in your district and I know families that benefit from a tax credit scholarship. Please remember that cutting these scholarships cuts opportunities away from these children – kids in your district. As we get closer to the end of the scholarship program’s pilot deadline, now is NOT the time to make cuts to the successful tax credit scholarships. Rather, we should be looking at ways to EXTEND it so more families can benefit. I want to count on you, as my elected official, to save these important scholarships.