2020-2021 Back To School Slides – final

Here we will have the most recent updates from Mr. Wood about the school reopening plan. School starts on Friday, August 21, 2020 and we can not wait to see everyone! Friday, 8/21 and Monday 8/24 are early dismissal days and students will be dismissed at 11:50am. Tuesday 8/25 is the first full day of classes.

Arrival and Dismissal
Parents may drop their children at school by driving on Mitchell Street (from north to south) for the elementary building, by driving on Ridge Street (from south to north) for middle school students ONLY, or by driving in to the Ridge St lot and following the circle for drop off. It is important to always watch for children exiting the car, to drive slowly, and to stay off your cell phones (even in hands-free mode).
These documents include pictures of all the entrances being used at arrival and dismissal.
procedures arrival
procedures dismissal

For Elementary Building Arrival
Pull up your car along the curb on Mitchell St. in front of the school building.
Students should exit cars on the curb side only. Staff will assist if needed.
Parents should stay in cars.
If you need extra time, please pull your car up all the way so other cars can drop off students behind you.
Once you are done dropping off, carefully pull away from curb.
Cars should pull forward as other cars pull away. Please avoid pulling around other cars.
Please do not let students exit cars until they have pulled up along the curb.

For Middle School and Elementary School Arrival – If you are dropping off students for both the elementary and middle school building, please follow these directions.
Pull into the parking lot on Ridge St. using the SOUTH gate (closest to middle school building).
Drive slowly into the lane of cones which will make a semi-circle in lot.
Pull up as far as you can and let students out of the car.
Slowly pull forward and proceed to the north gate to exit.

For Middle School Only Arrival
Pull up to curb on Ridge St. in front of middle school.
Students exit cars.
Carefully pull away from curb.
Cars should pull forward as finished cars pull away.

Preschool Building Arrival
Park in the center of the Ridge St. parking lot. Do not block coned off car lane.
Walk students to preschool entrance. (Door 2D).
Exit through north gate.

Preschool parents may pull in to the Park Street lot and students will be brought to their car. Slowly pull away and exit the lot. Parents picking up all-day preschool students may NOT park in this lot.
Kindergarten parents may pull in front of the elementary building on Mitchell St and students will be brought to the car. Slowly pull away.
1st-8th students will be dismissed at separate doors at 3:10. Parents should park in the Ridge St lot which will open at 3:00pm.
Parents may meet their student at the designated door, while maintaining six feet of social distance.
Parents of older students are encouraged to wait for their children in their cars in the lot.
After care students can be picked up at door 4A. Please ring the buzzer and someone will come to the door.

Please do not linger in the parking lot or on the playground after school.

Please send any questions to: reopeningquestions@olwschool.org

dwood update 8-17-2020
_Reopening With Trust – 8_17_2020

Dwood update 8-7-2020
Reopening With Trust – 8_7_2020 (2).pdf

Mr. Wood update 7-31-2020
OLW – Reopening With Trust Plan (2)

Mr. Wood update 7-24-2020
OLW – Reopening With Trust Plan 7-24-2020

The Parent FAQ outlined by the Office of Catholic Schools of the Archdiocese of Chicago also contains helpful information for parents and caregivers.