Family School Association

The 2019-2020 FSA Board:
Executive Board – Chair-Maggie Bleeker         Vice Chair-Melissa Craig          Secretary- Tricia Miller       Treasurer- Maggie Salatino
All School Services- Jullian Plummer
Communications- Alicia Staker 

Early Childhood- Erin Reddington  
Fundraising-Erika Newell 

Hospitality- Erin Berwick 
Middle School Services- Tanya Petermann   
Room Parents- Emily Paine 
School Gifts- Deanne McKenna  
Student Enrichment- Jane Strzyzynski

OLW Families, if you would like to contact any member of FSA, please use Membership Toolkit to find the appropraitae email or phone number. 
Outside inquires for FSA can be directed to: