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We are so excited to have two new library spaces this year!

The Primary Library is located in room 109.  This library will mostly be used for students in PK-2nd grade.  The room is filled with amazing books that are geared toward primary readers.  We have many fiction and non-fiction books for the children to enjoy.  Children in grades K-2 are able to check out 2 books at a time.  Books can be kept for two weeks, but can always be renewed or turned in early to check out a new book.

The intermediate library is located in Room 110.  This library is primarily used for students in grades 3rd – 5th.  The intermediate library has a wide assortment of fiction and non-fiction selections for students to choose.  Third through fifth grades students may have up to 4 books checked out at a time.  Students are able to keep their books for up to two weeks.  Of course, books can be renewed or turned in before the two weeks is up for another book to be chosen.

This year in the library is going to be an extension of OLW’s virtues program.  Our read-aloud books will include the theme of our highlighted virtue for the month.  We also will do a variety of age appropriate activities that incorporate the virtue of the month.  The months and their corresponding virtue are listed below.

September- Unity

October- Courage

November- Generosity

December- Prayerfulness

January- Responsibility

February- Love


April- Honesty

May- Caring

We are looking forward to a GREAT year in the Library!