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Pancratz Band

Wayside band playing with the Marching Illini!


Band Group Lesson Schedules

Wind Ensemble Group Lesson Schedule 2015-16

Begininng Band group Lesson Schedule 2015-16


3rd grade music

Welcome to Third grade music!


Third graders are learning to play the recorder.

We begin with the fingering for three notes B   A   G

With these three notes we learn the basics of music notation, rhythm and note reading.

3rd graders are singing beautifully!

Third graders are also using their voices in music class to sing songs that connect to the third grade curriculum.


Fall Concert on Thursday November 19th 7pm

All third grade students will participate in the Fall Music program featuring the 3rd grade recorder ensemble, the Beginning Band and the Wind Ensemble.

Third graders should wear their school uniform to the concert.

2nd grade music

Look for more information to come soon!!

1st grade music class

Look for more information to come soon!!

Kindergarten music class

Welcome to Kindergarten music

Kindergarten music class is a place where young students will experience the joy of making music.  By singing, moving, and playacting students will have fun while they learn confidence, teamwork and leadership.

Throughout the year we will be connecting our music choices to enrich the Kindergarten curriculum.

Music we are currently working on:

Up and Down


Up and down, all around, here and over there.

Outside, inside God is everywhere.

Whether I’m happy or if I’m sad

He’s with me when good or bad.

Over my head and under my bed

here and there and everywhere!

The Penguin Polka

A really fun song with three distinct parts.

Part one: singing only

Part two:  Dancing with a partner

Part three: A solo Penguin marching asking others to join the Penguin parade.

I’m Gonna Take A Little Ride In My Car

A song that the teacher sings and students respond with actions from the lyrics.

Autumn Leaf

A Beatiuful song about the season.