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My Homework Requirements and Procedures

School Year 2017-2018

A practice set is assigned for homework once the material and ideas contained in the set are presented and discussed in class. Students are assigned  a practice set each day that their class meets. A practice set is due at the beginning of their next class. Students need to spend at least 40 focused minutes outside class to reinforce our in-class discussions and learning activities.

To receive full credit, practice sets must be completed in pencil; drawings and graphs must be completed using a ruler and graphing paper. Students need to demonstrate their knowledge by giving a clear, concise solution to each problem. They must include all relevant work to justify their answers.

Thank you for your commitment of time and energy to help your student. I am hopeful that this partnership (student-parent-teacher) will help ensure that your student dedicates sufficient time to better understand the material and ideas we are studying.

Mrs. Gatewood