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Hi and welcome to my classroom web page. Here you will find information regarding any special activities that are coming up in Grades  6-8 Health and Kindergarten through Grades 5 PE classes.

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What's New in the Gym???


Hopefully this warmer  weather is here to stay.  Our classes will try and go outside as much as possible.  We will be doing some track & field activities, kick ball and softball.

Health Class Grades 6 -8


8th Graders are finishing up their unit on Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco.  We will be having a quiz game that will them to Stump the Other Team.

7th Graders are learning about the Immune System. Their final project will be working on a summer health goal for the summer.

6th graders are starting their unit on the Heart.  They recently used the iPads to use the app “the Virtual Heart” which allowed them to see a heart beating.



Health Class Guidelines

Glencoe Teen Health Course 1

Grades K – 5


5th Graders finished March Madness and liked the activity.

3rd through 4th grade have been introduced to a new game.  Container Ball includes a little dodge ball, tag game and basketball.

2nd graders took the parachute outside and worked on make their muscles stronger and have fun while doing it.

5th Grade PE Guidelines

Elementary PE Class Guidelines

Wayside Fitness


Wayside Fitness is borrowed from the President’s Fitness program.  With our PE time limited to twice a week, the Fitness program is used as supplement to our classes and students strive to make the goals.

So far we have started working on our Push ups, Sit ups, Jump Rope and Shuttle run. We will continue working on these areas and test on these in January.


Scholastic Bowl




We have completed our competition season.  We are very proud of our 8th graders who finished in the top five in every tournament they were in this year.  It was a pleasure to work with them and I wish them the best.

Our 7th graders are still practicing, getting ready for next year.  In September we will host a practice tournament here after school.  The date is September 20th.

The 6th graders finished in early April.  They will resume practice on Wednesday afternoons in the fall.  (Please note that practices are on Wednesday).