Mrs. Shewmon

Welcome to my classroom page. Here you will find information related to 6th-8th grade Math and 8th grade Religion.

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Grade 8 Religion

The students are preparing for Confirmation by growing in their relationship with the Blessed Trinity through prayer, Mass, service, and study.  Classroom activities include reading and discussing Scripture, learning and using different types of prayers, performing acts of kindness, and completing work in the 2 text books.

Grade 8 Religion


Grade 8 Algebra

Algebra I concepts includes Solving, Graphing, and Writing Linear Equations and Inequalities, Solving Systems of Linear Equations, Linear Functions and Exponential Equations and Functions.  In addition students will factor, solve, and Graph Quadratic Equations as well as Square Root, and Rational Functions.  The course will end with Data Analysis.

Grade 8 Alegbra Course Guidelines


Grade 7 Pre-Algebra

Grade 7 concepts includes Integer operations, Rational Numbers (fractions), Expressions and Equations, Inequalities, Ratios and Proportions, Percents, Angles and Construction, Circles, Surface Area and Volume, and Probability and Statistics.

Grade 7 Pre-Alegbra Course Guidelines


Grade 6 Math

Grade 6 concepts includes Numerical Expressions and Factors, Fractions and Decimals, Algebraic Expressions and Properties, Areas of Polygons, Ratios and Rates, Integers and the Coordinate Plane, Writing and solving equations and inequalities, Surface Area and Volume, Statistical Measures, and Data Displays.

Grade 6 Math Course Guidelines