Fourth Grade

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Social Studies

States and Regions

Text: Harcourt, Brace, Jovanovich, Inc.

Trimester 1: Map Skills & The Northeast


Trimester 2: The Southeast & Midwest


Trimester 3: Westward Expansion & The West Coast


In each unit are chapters that focus on specific historical, geographic, and cultural features and characteristics. There are also special sections highlighting the U.S. Presidents, our National Parks, the Great Rivers and Deserts of the World, Natural Resources, climate, Citizenship, and Government. Maps, graphs, and charts are presented and emphasized throughout the Fourth Grade Social Studies experience, helping students to develop important inference and interpretation skills, preparing them for standardized testing, and helping to ensure that they grow in geographic literacy.

As we venture through the different regions of the United States, we will be taking virtual field trips to many of our country’s significant cities, landmarks, and natural features.

Each region will conclude with a project and a test. Chapter tests will be announced at least a week in advance.


Enjoy this journey with us discovering our beautiful country!


4th Grade Science is broken down into three six week units.  The units are as follows


First trimester….. Unit 1 Studying Science: Students learn about the Scientific Method and how it relates to an inquiry.  Next, they learn about different science tools used in science as well as in classroom hands-on activities.  Students explore the differences between experiments and investigations, and answer questions and collect data.  Students conclude the unit with a bridge building inquiry and test the strength of their designs.

Second trimester…. Units 9 & 10 Energy and Electricity: Students explore types of energy, how energy change from one type to another, the difference in potential and kinetic energy,  what is heat and how is heat produced, as well as conductors and insulators, and types of circuits. Students conclude this unit with hands-on activities creating series and parallel circuits to produce light.

Third trimester…. Unit 8 & 9 (Fifth-grade text):  Changing Earth’s Surface and Rocks and Minerals: Students discover what factors change the surface of the Earth, discover basics of plate tectonics and how earthquakes and volcanos affect the surface.  Later in the unit, they discover the three types of rocks and where and how they are produced.  Students conclude the unit by creating an informational pamphlet describing all they have learned about one type of rock and present their finished product to the class.

Science Text: Science Fusion

Students can access the text online by going to



Overview of the Fourth-grade curriculum:

Unit 1;  Beatitudes, Penance, Conscience, and Liturgical Year

Unit 2: Goad’s Law, Commandments 1-3, Being Strengthened by the Eucharist, Advent and Christmas time

Unit 3: Fourth through Eighth Commandments, Lent, and the Triduum.

Unit 4: Ninth and Tenth Commandments, Growing in Holiness, We are the Church, Discipleship, Easter.

Religion Text: Sadlier, We Believe

Additional information can be found through the link


Science Fusion Textbook

  • Online Textbook
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    • Select District:  Archdiocese of Chicago
    • Select School:  Our Lady of the Wayside School
    • Username: (5student or 4student)
    • Password: one password for all students – “wildcat”