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Welcome to my classroom page. Below you will find links to websites that we use in class along with other classroom related information.

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8th Grade Homeroom


Tuesday, 12/12: Target shopping after school– please arrange your own ride

Thursday, 12/14: Buddy activity 2:15-2:45, door decorating during religion

Friday, 12/15: Saint Report due during LA, door decorating during religion

Monday, 12/18: Advent prayer service at 8:30

Wednesday, 12/20: Mass at 8:30, Christmas program rehearsal, White Elephant gift exchange 1:45-3:00

Thursday, 12/21:  Christmas program dress rehearsal, Christmas Program at 1:30 and 7:00

Friday, 12/22 – Sunday, 1/7: Christmas Break

8th Grade Religion

Homily Evaluations: Two homily evaluations are required each month as part of preparation for the Sacrament of Confirmation. ONE homily for December!

Weekend Readings: Weekend readings are read and discussed each Friday in order to prepare for the weekend mass. Reflection questions are due each Monday. 

Tuesday Tunes: Each Tuesday, we evaluate music for its message and reflect on how to live out the message of the song in our lives.

Priest Meetings: We meet with Father Ed or Father Louis monthly to discuss content, Confirmation and Church issues.

Texts: Sadlier, We Live our Faith as Members of the Church, Confirmation preparation book

8th Grade Language Arts

Google Classroom

Reading Focus: Independent choices

  • Irony, figurative language

Writing Focus: Confirmation Saint Reports

  • Word Choice- replacing “to be” verbs
  • Voice- knowledgeable, credible, expert 
  • Sentence Fluency- crafting well-built sentences (transitions, sentence structure)

6th Grade Social Studies

Online Textbook

Newsela– remember to “Sign in with Google”

Interactive Notebooks:

  • Interactive Notebook Rubric
  • Notebooks are evaluated at the end of each unit.
  • My notebook is available for students to check out during lunch.

Student projects:

Current unit of study: Ancient China