Welcome to our website. As the year unfolds, we will try to keep it updated on field trip dates, Bible Buddy dates,and preschool events.  We are looking forward to a year of adventure, learning and growing together in our Faith.



Room 2016 and their buddies!


PK 4 T/W/Th/F AM Class Room 106


PK 4 T/W/Th/F AM Class Room 106 Funny face preschoolers!!









Preschool Dates to Note:


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TBD PK 3 Dad’s Night (Half day and All Day classes)



4/12/17    Metropolis Performing Arts Centre Field Trip – No class at OLW



5/12/17    Mother’s Day Tea – OLW Gathering Place

                 11:00 AM – PK 4 half day students-no class for PK 4 half day students – arrive with Mom

                  1:30 PM – PK 4 all day students – regular arrival – Mom meets child at the Tea

5/31/17     Last day PK 3 (MWF) and PK 4 half day preschool class at OLW



6/1/17     Last day PK 3 (T-TH) half day preschool class at OLW

6/2/17    All PK Classes End of School Year Celebration!  Jumps and Jiggles (Elk Grove Park District)

                No class at OLW this day meet at Jumps and Jiggles

Pre-K Math

Welcome to a new school year!

We have started the year working on the concepts of numbers. Practicing counting to ten, recognizing the various numbers and their values.

Please keep practicing at home.  Counting the silverware needed for dinner, how many boxes of cereal you’re buying at the grocery store or how many cookies each family member gets for dessert are all great ways  to practice those counting skills.

Getting Ready to Write

Time to exercise and strengthen those hands, fingers and brains.

We are starting our Handwriting Without Tears books and are very excited. We have been working to develop our writing readiness skills with a variety of activities. Lots of sorting activities to help develop visual discrimination, sorting by color, shape and size and using “giant tweezers” or “pinchers” to  pick  items up. This helps strengthen our pincher grasp making it easier to hold our crayons and pencils with a more mature grasp. We have also been working with play-dough to help strengthen our hand and finger muscles.

At Home;  Encourage your child to put on and remove shoes and jackets, button and unbutton, wash hands, and brush teeth. Encourage them to eat small food pieces and practice picking up very little things. Tasks like pouring, spreading and setting the table use precise fine motor control allowing for more practice.

Pray and Play Dates