Learning Challenges

The learning challenges resource program has been established to aid those students who, for any variety of reasons – social, emotional, psychological, or physiological- are having difficulty attending and/or learning within the regular classroom. Possibly a more accurate label would be “learning differences.”  These children have a unique set of learning difficulties that will always be present in their lives. Fortunately, they can learn to cope with these differences and compensate for them. The learning disabilities program at OLW is a resource program and is not a full-time, self-contained classroom. The Learning Disability Specialist works closely with the child’s classroom teacher to aid him/her within the regular classroom curriculum. This can be achieved through modifications in the setting, material, or personal presentation.

Referrals for assistance can come from the child’s current teacher, a recommendation from the former teacher, or at the request of the parents. Since our referrals are made on a less formal basis than is possible within the public system, assistance, when necessary, can often be made available more quickly.