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Let Your Light Shine – Buddy Activity

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Student Council

The Dollars for Donations Charity for April was for the OLW section of PADS.

This month’s Dollars for Donations Charity will be an OLW parish ministry called the “Shawl Ministry” on May 12th!



Seventh Grade Springfield Trip

Seventh Grade Springfield Trip is May 18th and 19th.


Sign up today!
Trip ID:  137545

 Easy Ways to Sign up for the Trip

·        Online:

·        Phone: call WorldStrides Customer Service at 800-468-5899

·        Mail – use the student invitation you received from your teacher

 Questions?  Contact Mrs. Boarini


8th Social Studies

For more information and materials go to my Google Classroom page:


5/22 Political Cartoon

5/23 Documentary 

5/24 Examine Political Cartoon/Video

5/25 No Class

5/26 No Class


7th Religion

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5/22 Work on Song Project

5/23 Present Song Project

5/24 Present Song Project

5/25 Confirmation Virtues

5/26 Virtue Flames

Homily Evaluation due 5/31

7th LA

For more information and materials go to the Google Classroom page:




5/22 Book Creator: Tom Sawyer Comic

5/23 Comic/Movie

5/24 Lit Circle

5/25 Film video

5/26 Film and work on paper

7th Social Studies

For more information and materials go to my Google Classroom page


5/22 Work on Battle Slides

5/23 Present Battle Slides

5/24 Emancipation Proclamation

5/25 Work on Battle article

5/26 Civil War Documentary 

Homeroom 23

Welcome to Mr. Martino’s Homeroom page.

Mr. Martino’s Rules and Expectations. Syllabus 2015-2016

Science Fair Information

1.  Link to IJAS Website

l2.  Policy and Procedure Manual 2016-2018

3.  Science Fair Topics – List of Websites

4. Science Surplus Store:  5316 N. Milwaukee Avenue Chicago IL    (Northwest Hwy and Milwaukee)

5. Science Fair Calendar 2016-1017

6. Science Fair Presentation Schedule 2016

7. Example Paper

8. Reference Information
Wading Through the Web Powerpoint
APA Style Citation Powerpoint
Internet Citation Organizer

9.  Forms for Final Paper
Abstract Form
Safety Sheet
Humans as Test Subjects Endorsement
Non-Human Vertebrate Endorsement

10.  Order Form:  Boards and Title Cards 2016 Order Form