Dress Code

Goals for the OLW dress code are:

  • To create an atmosphere conducive to learning
  • To be easily observable and enforceable
  • To promote student safety
  • To project a good image of the school
  • To be in good taste

Enrollment at OLW implies agreement with and acceptance of the dress code.

With the exception of preschoolers, all students must wear the school uniform.  No fad tailoring of the uniforms will be allowed. The prescribed uniform is as follows:



  • White round or pointed collar, short or long sleeved blouse
  • White oxford, short or long sleeved blouse
  • White knit turtleneck
  • White or navy knit polo shirt, long or short sleeved

Carden plaid

  • Shift or jumper – for grades K-2 – available only at Dennis Uniform
  • Skirt or skort – for grades K-8 – available only at Dennis Uniform


  • Navy, white, black or gray socks or tights

Pants (optional)

  • Solid navy twill or corduroy to be worn at the waist with no contrasting stitching.  May be worn in place of the Carden plaid uniform.  These pants cannot be leggings, sweatpants, oversized, low-rise, or cargo pants.  Navy or white tights and ankle-length leggings may be worn under a uniform skirt or jumper


  • Light blue knit polo shirt, long or short sleeved
  • Solid navy twill or corduroy with no contrasting stitching to be worn at the waist with a plain belt (if necessary).  These pants cannot be sweatpants, oversized, low-rise, or cargo pants
  • Navy, white, black or gray

Physical Education (Boys and Girls)

Gym Shirt
  • White (if in good condition) or gray gym shirt with OLW logo – available only at Dennis Uniform. White or navy long sleeve t-shirts may be worn under the uniform gym shirt
Gym Short
  • Navy knit (if in good condition and fits appropriately) or navy mesh gym short with OLW logo – available only at Dennis Uniform or Prowl gym shorts
  • OLW imprint sweatshirts and SOLID navy or OLW imprint sweatpants may be used along with, not in place of, the regular gym uniform


School uniforms are available through:

Dennis Uniform
7055 W. Higgins Ave. Chicago, Illinois
Phone number: (708) 669-7944

dennisuniform.com ~   (shopper’s guide)

Uniforms are to be worn at all times.  Parents will be notified in writing of any violations of the dress code.  On certain occasions, uniform requirements may be waived.  Parents will be notified in writing of these special dress days.  However, even on special dress days, wearing the uniform is always acceptable.


OLW Imprint Spiritwear

OLW Spiritwear items are available to purchase through Dennis Uniform.


“Out-of-Uniform” Days

Certain days may be designated non-uniform days.  These days also include using a NUT (No Uniform Today) card, which cannot be used on days we attend church liturgies or prayer services. Students are expected to dress appropriately even when not in uniform. Ripped or torn clothing, slogan apparel and other clothing deemed by administration as inappropriate is not permitted.  Clothing such as, but not restricted to, tank tops, razorbacks or spaghetti straps, undersized or oversized shirts, low rise or oversized pants are not permitted.  In the middle school leggings, jeggings, and yoga pants are also not permitted. Girls may wear make-up in moderation on an “Out of Uniform day”.  Regulations regarding the length and style of skirts and shorts, shoes, socks, jewelry, hair, and hats remain in place on these days.


Optional Items for Boys and Girls

  • Navy twill, Bermuda length walking shorts (no corduroy or “cargo” shorts)
  • Length must be no more than 2 inches above the knee
  • Replaces pants for boys or Carden plaid uniform for girls
  • Navy crewneck, v-neck, or cardigan (no hoods) – no logos other than OLW imprint (optional)
  • Navy crewneck or ¼ zip – OLW imprint only
  • Navy zipper-pullover, vest or jacket – OLW imprint only

Other Regulations

  • All shirts must be tucked in at the waist (exception: girls’ banded polo w/ OLW imprint)
  • White, gray, or navy T-shirts may be worn under a uniform shirt or blouse
Plaid Jumper
  • Length must be no more than 2 inches above the knee
  • Length must be no more than 2 inches above the knee
  • All pants must be worn at the waist
  • Dress shoes or athletic shoes are acceptable
  • Backless shoes and sandals, and shoes designated as slippers or moccasins (even with hard soles) may not be worn at any time
  • Must be laced/fastened properly at all times
  • Shoes should not glow or light up
  • Boots are not to be worn in the elementary school building – in inclement weather, students must change out of their boots into their school shoes
  • Fashion style boots such as Uggs may be worn in the middle school only.  These boots may not be worn with skirts, skorts or shorts
  • Navy white, black or gray socks must be worn and visible at all times
  • Tasteful jewelry is allowed (i.e. = 1 necklace / 1 bracelet)
  • Large rings are inappropriate for school
  • We suggest that jewelry not be worn on gym days
  • For girls: small post earrings only
  • For boys: no earrings are allowed
  • None allowed
  • Nail polish may be worn
  • Administration will ask student to remove nail polish if it is deemed inappropriate or too extreme.
  • Properly groomed and not so long as to obstruct vision
  • No coloring, extreme highlighting or Mohawk hairstyles
  • Feathers and other items braided or wrapped into the hair are not permitted
  • Boys’ hair length must be above the collar, above the eyebrows, not covering the ears
  • Hats may not be worn in the buildings
  • Headbands and bows should be school or uniform plaid colors only
Spiritwear Items
  • Are not part of the school or gym uniform and should only be worn on out of uniform days or other select spirit days. Newer spiritwear items are royal blue as not to be confused with items that are part of the school uniform
K-4 Gym Days
  • Grades K thru 4 may wear gym uniform or OLW imprint sweatshirt and solid navy or OLW imprint sweatpants to school over their gym uniform on their scheduled gym day(s)


While we do our best to outline the dress code as specifically as possible in the Family Handbook  we are not always prepared for new clothing, shoe, and accessory “fads” that may appear throughout the school year. When these situations arise, the administration will evaluate the “fad” and notify the school community if additional restrictions to the dress code are needed.


As a gift from the school to every Wayside student, students will be allowed to dress down on their birthday.  Unfortunately, not every birthday falls on a school day, so please follow these guidelines:

  • August birthdays (prior to the first day of school) will be celebrated at the beginning of the school year.  Specific dates will be provided in the first Monday Memos.
  • If a student’s birthday falls on the day of a Mass or Prayer Service, they should dress down on the next school day.
  • Saturday birthdays should be celebrated on the Friday before and Sunday birthdays on the Monday after.  If there is a holiday or day off, the birthday can be celebrated the following day.
  • Information on what to do if the birthday falls on a long break or in June and July will be provided in Monday Memos as we approach those dates.