Arrival and Dismissal

Students Driven to and from School

Students driven to and from school should exit the passenger side of the vehicle at the school side of the curb.  Any time a student exits the vehicle across the street from school, he/she must walk to the nearest corner or designated, patrolled crosswalk in order to cross the street safely.

  • Arrival to school – Students are not to arrive at school before 8:00 a.m.  Children arriving for the Before and After Care Program, or for a specific adult supervised activity, are the only exception to this rule.
  • Dismissal from school – Parents are urged to encourage their children to return directly home after school.  Arrangements must be made with the school for a child to remain afterward.  If a student is to be detained, the family will usually be notified prior to that afternoon.  If no arrangements have been made to pick up or transport the child home he or she may be sent to the Before and After Care Program and the family will be billed accordingly.


Bicycle racks are provided at the school, and bicycles must be parked properly.  It is recommended that all bicycles be chained and locked.  The school does not assume responsibility for lost, stolen or damaged bicycles.  All bicycles are to be left outside of the school buildings.  Children below third grade are not encouraged to ride bicycles to school.  All students who do ride bicycles are reminded to obey all traffic regulations and safety practices while riding. Parents should discuss bicycle safety with their children and review their expectations before permitting students to ride to school.  Students must walk their bikes when crossing school patrolled streets and while on the school grounds.


Due to limited classroom space, scooters may not be stored in the classroom.


Free bus transportation may be furnished to those students residing more than 1-1/2 miles from school, yet within District 25, where there is an existing bus route.  Other students may purchase tickets for bus service along existing routes and stops.  These passes may be purchased through the District 25 transportation office.  Occasional bus rides when a student is riding home with a friend will be permitted only when a special one-day bus pass is requested in writing to the school office.