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Welcome to our classroom website! Here you will find important classroom information, sight word lists, weekly newsletters, and some recordings we have made in class. I encourage you to visit this site often for current information.

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Here is what we are currently working on in class:

Sight Word Lists:

sight words week 1                                         
sight words week 2
Sight words week 3
Sight words week 4
Sight words week 5
Sight words week 6
Sight words week 7
Sight words week 8
Sight words week 9
Sight words week 10
Sight words week 11



Writing: All About Books


Past Writing Units:
We worked on thinking of an idea (something that happened to us or something we do), planning it out (touching pages, saying our ideas for each page, and then sketching the pictures so we don’t forget), and writing our story! We learned how to use a strategy when spelling words so that we don’t have to stop our writing when we don’t know a word. We know we can: use our Quick Word student dictionaries, look around the room, or underline the word and come back to it with Mrs. Lauren. We learned that when we are telling stories, we should tell the details of each part! We added to our writing chart some question words that will help us to do this: Who? What? Where? When? Why? How? At the end of our unit, we published a story on a small moment that happened to us!


We are currently working on Unit 4 in Math. This overview will explain some of the things your children and I are focusing on!

These links to past units will share with you what we have worked on already this year:
Unit 1
Unit 2
Unit 3

Religion: Jesus Grew up in the Holy Family and Baptism

In Religion we have been focusing on Jesus as a child and growing up in the Holy Family, and what He did as a young adult on Earth. We learned that Jesus visited many towns and people and taught people about God’s love, and how God takes care of everyone. We added an important word to the word wall (trust) and discussed how it applies to our daily lives and our relationship with God. We also read some stories from the Bible about Jesus from the Books of Matthew and Luke! We also learned why so many people came to listen to Jesus speak- to make them feel better, to learn how to pray, to hear about God’s Good News, and to hear how to live a better life.

As we focus on the sacrament of Baptism, we are learning what it means to be baptized. That it means we are a member of the church. We learned some symbols of Baptism- a white garment, and water. This week we have been sharing pictures of us from our own baptism with the class!

New words to add to our Language Word Wall:
The Great Commandment- to love the Lord your God with all your hear, soul and mind. To love your neighbor as yourself.
Baptism- what we do to become members of the church
Grace- God’s life in us
The Lord’s Prayer- another name for the Our Father prayer


Science: Matter

We have switched over to a Science unit that is All About Matter! These are some Essential Questions we are learning how to answer are:

  • What is matter?
  • Where can matter be found?
  • What are solids, liquids, and gases?
  • What are the physical properties that classify something as a solid, a liquid, or a gas?
  • What causes a state of matter to change?



Recordings from 221

We will share some of the recording we make in class with you here!
Click on the link to open a new tab and hear what we made!

Communities Song-2016

Penny Poem

Matter Poem 2017

Classroom Information

I will be posting important information for our classroom here during the year!

Hello parents!

On Monday, October 31st, your child should come to school dressed in his/her costume. We will have morning and lunch recess, so please make sure to include a change of shoes/sweater if necessary.

We will parade in the afternoon with the rest of the elementary students at 1:15 and then return to the classroom for our Halloween party. If you wish to send a small edible or non-edible treat for the class, we will help your child pass them out to his/her classmates. Please do not label them with other children’s names, as it is easier to pass out without the label. Bringing something is optional so please don’t feel pressure to do so!


Specials schedule 16-17

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Weekly Reading Log

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Weekly Newsletter


Please visit this page often to see what we are doing each week in class! I will be posting newsletters that provide a snapshot of our week, and important reminders.

October 7th
October 14th
October 28th

Sight Words

Hi Wayside families!

Here are some things you can do to practice your sight words! If you think or use one that isn’t listed, please share it with me so other parents can try it too 🙂

*This is a great website for many different games:

– Find the Orange box and click on the game Sight Word Bingo

There are a few different lists. Play around with it and see which list is best for your child 🙂

*This document will give you some other good ideas to practice your sight words!