Middle School Science

OLW science classes for grades 6-8 have earned the reputation of preparing students exceptionally well for their high school classes.  The curriculum in each grade has the dual goals of expanding students’ science knowledge and, equally importantly, establishing strong conceptual foundations for the classes in grades 9-12.  Rigor and high expectations are hallmarks of the coursework.  Students learn to read expository text for maximum comprehension, gain familiarity with prefixes and suffixes that make up “the language of science”, establish key math skills, and expand their knowledge of interpreting and creating graphs.

Grade 6: Earth Science and Astronomy

  • Exploring Earth, Geologic Changes – trimester 1
  • Weather and Climate, Water and Resources – trimester 2
  • Exploring the Universe – trimester 3

Grade 7: Life Science

  • Life: Structure and Function- trimester 1
  • Bacteria and Plants – trimester 2
  • Animal biology – trimester 3

Grade 8: Physical Science: Chemistry and Physics

  • Matter and the Foundations of Chemistry  – trimester 1
  • Elements and periodic table -trimester 2
  • Interactions of Matter, Forces and Motion – trimester 3