5th Grade Saint Reports

A tradition at OLW is the 5th grade saint report. Here are just a few:

  I chose Saint John the Apostle because my name Sean means John in Gaelic. I also chose him because he was Jesus’ best friend. When Jesus died, he trusted John to take care of His mother, Mary. Saint John the Apostle was kind and loyal. He was the only apostle who was at the bottom of the cross when Jesus died. He had great faith. He recognized Jesus after he rose from the dead. He went out with Peter to preach the Gospel after Jesus sent them the Holy Spirit on Pentecost and was persecuted sometimes for his preachings. He was cast into a cauldron of burning oil but emerged unhurt. He wrote the Gospel of John and other books of the Bible. He is the patron saint of love, loyalty, friendship and authors. He is believed to be the longest living saint and was the only apostle not to have a violent death. He died in 100 AD. His feast day is December 27th. Learning about Saint John the Apostle will make me a loyal friend who is ready to do what Jesus asks me to do.

  I chose Saint Nicholas because he has the same name as me and I have heard interesting things about him. Saint Nicholas was born on March 15, 270 A.D. Saint Nicholas was the bishop of Myra, Lycia, which is now present day Turkey. He was a strong defender of his faith. He was also a very generous man, especially to those who were wronged in some way. He is the patron saint of children, thieves, and barrel makers. He is the patron saint of children because one day he met a man who’s three girls were about to go into poverty. He put three bags of gold on their windows. Saint Nicholas died from natural causes on December 6, 343 A.D, which is also his feast day. I’ve learned not to be selfish, to care about others, and to help those in need. I’ve also learned that you should be generous and loving to everyone.

  I chose Saint Rose of Lima because Rose is my middle name. Saint Rose of Lima is known because she helped the sick and the poor. Her real name was Isabel Flores de Olivia. Her nickname was “Rose” because she was so pretty like a flower. At the age of 5, Rose knew she wanted to dedicate her life to God. She practiced her faith and was dedicated to the work of Jesus. Rose was a beautiful girl and was worried that her beauty would lead her to sin so she cut her hair. She wore old clothes and wanted only her soul to be beautiful. She became a nun and lived in a little, old hut. She slept on the floor and took care of sick and sinful people. When Peru was attacked, she prayed and drove away the enemies. She saved her city. People of Peru loved Rose. She died at the young age of 31. I learned that you don’t always need to look beautiful and be perfect; it’s what’s on the inside that matters. I learned that it is important to help others, to be kind and loving like God, and work hard. Learning about Saint Rose has made me more mindful of my actions.